15 march 2007

Cebit 2007 sample box

On the 2007 Cebit we needed to demo our new big box settopboxes, we had boards but no cases
yet, so i build some functional prototypes. Basically i got an empty shell of a case from taiwan, the board, the drives, the voip modem
and a usb hub/card reader.

Of cause the board wouldnt fit on the standard studs, so i had to remove them all and mount
new ones. Then i needed to make a low profile mount for the harddisk and something to mount
the DVD drive on.

Then i needed to make some support for the VOIP modem and the card reader.

Now everything is in the box !

Here the device is more or less finished, note that it doesnt have a front yet.
That was CNC-machined and directly send to the show, but i heard it actually fit :)

And from the side: