Inga RTG

Inga adventure game development kit by Inutilis Software Timo Kloss.

License to port by Sultan Software
The software brand of Computer City in Rotterdam.

Porting and additional programming by Arend-Paul Spijkerman.

Porting made possible by using the Crystal library provided by AP Spijkerman.

license to port to:

-Classic Amiga hardware, ECS, OCS and AGA .. emulated Amigas with OS 2.0-3.9.
-Picasso96 graphics RTG (classic, AmigaOne, emulated)
-CyberGraphics RTG
-New PowerPC Amiga hardware (AmigaOne with OS4.0+)
-Amiga Anywhere (former AmigaDE) hardware independent OS
-Apple macintosh

Press releases at http://www.amiga.com:
-Inga Announcement
-Inga Announcement
-Inga Press release (note the wrong date)

Download the last version of crystal test program.

testv5.lha 200kB (Alpha) CyberGfx fix DOWNLOAD

Started porting at 11-may-2002.

Download the last beta version of cinga executables.
Note that the archives are password protected.

ingab1.lha 1MB (Alpha) DOWNLOAD

This version is crystalized which means it runs on the following modes:

OCS/ECS/HAM6/dithering ... works
AGA/HAM8/dithering ... works
Picasso96 ... works
CyberGraphics ... works
AmigaDE ... works
MacOS10 ... needs work

Run on classic with "stack 16000".
Start with "test2 9".
Add -A for AGA, -C for Cybergraphics, -P for picasso96.
Note that sometimes escape doesnt work, so i added the @ character.
Edit the screen.* files for HAM6, HAM8, 256 colors or less etc.
Delete the screen.* files and you get an Inga window on the workbench :)

ingab2.lha 1MB (Alpha) DOWNLOAD
(Also start this version with "stack 16000" and "test2 9".

There were severe problems with graphics in B1 due to planair blitter emulation.
In this version the blitter emulation has been rewritten to a chuncky blitter which has NO problems and is faster.

Things left to fix:
-In the intro pictures previous screens seem to be left, when to clear the buffer.
-Where did the main character go ??
-Check the crystal mouse/keyboard controls, might have something to do with the character missing.
-Fade was disabled for speed, cause we can't just fade by changing the color table anymore.
-Sound !! .. we need new AmigaDE beta with sound.

ingab3.lha 1MB (Beta) DOWNLOAD
(Also start this version with "stack 16000" and "test 9" on classic or "./test.00 9" on AmigaDE 1.3
Note that the AmigaDE exe needs to be in directory qb76/AmigaDE/Q/ or it doesnt run.

Everything seems to work more or less on Classics and AmigaDE 1.3 with this version.
Things to fix:
-Texts are a bit flashy, because they are not rendered in the buffer, but directly to screen. Because my build in font is not that great.

Inga AmigaDE
Picture of the Inga Ermentrud demo start screen on AmigaDE.
Inga AmigaDE
Grab of the Inga Ermentrud demo on AmigaDE 1.3
Inga AmigaDE
Grab of the Inga Ermentrud demo on AmigaDE 1.3

Recently I tested the last beta on a Pegasos and everything seems to work with a very useable speed !
Find some pictures of modes of the test program here:

Inga on the Pegasos (click to enlarge)

Picture of the GUI engine in the testprogram (click to enlarge

Picture of the Choplift3D game in the test program (click to enlarge)


Copyright 2001 by Arend-Paul Spijkerman